Logan TubaChristmas Details

The Logan, Utah 2017 TUBACHRISTMAS will be held at the Logan LDS Tabernacle on December 16, 2017 at 7:00 pm.

The concert is free for anyone who would like to attend. All tuba and euphonium/baritone players of all ages and skill levels are invited to participate and perform.



Registration will be held in the Logan High School band room (162 W 100 S, Logan, UT 84321) at 10:00 am that morning.

NOTE: Participant registration fee is $10.00.


Rehearsal will also be held in the Logan High School
band room (162 W 100 S, Logan, UT 84321) at 12:00 pm that afternoon.

NOTE: Please bring a music stand if you have one.

2017 Poster/Flier

A copy of the poster/flier advertising the event.Here is a copy of the poster/flier for the 2017 Logan TubaChristmas event (click on the image to download a larger, higher resolution PDF version).


NOTE: Please feel free to print and/or share with anyone you think might be interested.


A photo collage of Trevor from throughout his life.

Trevor N. Teuscher

Trevor is primarily a trumpet player, but he has also played euphonium for over 25 years, having started playing it in college. His first TUBACHRISTMAS was in Provo, UT under Dr. Steve Call, Professor of Music at Brigham Young University. He has attended various TUBACHRISTMAS events in various locations ever since. He has been the coordinator of the Logan TUBACHRISTMAS event since 2009 (the first year it was held in Logan).

A graduate of Logan High School, Trevor has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education from Utah State University and a Master of Music degree in Music Composition from Illinois State University. He also has a diploma in Band Instrument Repair from Minnesota State College Southeast. He has worked as a band instrument repair technician in one capacity or another for over 20 years. He is the owner of Teuscher Musical Instrument Repair.

Besides trumpet and euphonium, other instruments Trevor plays or has played as a soloist or in various ensembles include: bugle, cornet, flugelhorn, mellophone, alto horn, French horn, baritone, tuba, recorder (all sizes), tin whistle, and voice.

The ensembles Trevor has performed in include: concert bands/wind ensembles, jazz bands, pep bands, brass bands, orchestras, pit orchestras, brass quintets, woodwind quintets, recorder ensembles, choirs and musical theatre productions. For 7 years, Trevor played with the 33rd Illinois Volunteer Regiment Band, a Civil War Reenactment band that plays on instruments made from the actual time period of the Civil War. Most recently, Trevor has been playing trumpet with the Cache Symphony Orchestra and the Cache Community Big Band and euphonium with the Cache Community Wind Symphony. He has also sung with the American Festival Chorus and performed in musical theatre productions with Cache Theatre Company and Four Seasons Theatre Company.

Photograph of Sam holding a tuba.

Samuel J. Teuscher

At age 16, Sam is already an up and coming tuba player and a veteran of TUBACHRISTMAS, this being the Sam's fifth TUBACHRISTMAS, his fourth on tuba. Sam played euphonium his first year. Currently, Sam plays tuba in school at Green Canyon High School, and the Cache Community Wind Symphony. He also plays the trombone with the Cache Community Big Band. In addition, Sam has performed in various musical theatre productions including at school and with Cache Theatre Company and Four Seasons Theatre Company.

Sponsors & Acknowledgements

We would like to thank all of those who have helped sponsor this event and/or have assisted us in other ways. We appreciate all they have done for us to make this event successful.

  • Teuscher Musical Instrument Repair

    Logo for Teuscher Musical Instrument Repair

    Teuscher Musical Instrument Repair is owned and operated by Trevor N. Teuscher (coordinator of the Logan TUBACHRISTMAS event). Sam Teuscher (co-coordinator of the Logan TUBACHRISTMAS event) is an apprentice technician for the company.

  • KSM Music

    Logo for the KSM Music

    KSM Music has sponsored the Logan TubaChristmas every year is has taken place. We are grateful for their continued support, as well as their support for many other events that take place in Cache Valley.

  • Logan LDS Tabernacle

    Logo for the Logan Tabernacle Concert & Lecture Series

    The Logan Tabernacle is one of the best performance venues in Cache Valley. We are extremely grateful that the Tabernacle has allowed us to perform there for the last several years.

  • Harvey Phillips Foundation


    We are definitely grateful for the Harvey Phillips Foundation for making TubaChristmas possible and allowing us to have a TubaChristmas event in Logan. None of this would be possible without such a great organization.

  • Peter Opaskar
    (aka 'Tuba Peter')

    Logo for the 'Tuba Peter' website.

    Tuba Peter writes a lot of arrangements for tuba and euphonium. A few of the tunes we are playing at the 2017 Logan event were downloaded from his website. We also played a few of his arrangements at the 2016 event. We are grateful for his contribution to the tuba and euphonium repertoire and providing many of those arrangements for free.

Harvey Phillips


TUBACHRISTMAS is a registered trademark of the Harvey Phillips Foundation, founded by renowned tuba player, the late Harvey Phillips, in 1974. Annual TUBACHRISTMAS events are held in various cities throughtout the United States, as well as international locations. The purpose of these events is to promote tuba and euphomium music by providing an opportunity for tuba and euphonium players of all different ages and skill levels to get together and perform Christmas music arranged specifically for those instruments. Younger players benefit from playing with older, more experienced players. Many players play at multiple events annually. The first TUBACHRISTMAS event held in Logan was in 2009, and events have been held in Logan every year since then, except in 2010. More information about TUBACHRISTMAS and the Harvey Phillips Foundation, as well as where other upcoming events are being held, can be found at http://tubachristmas.com


The Instruments of TubaChristmas

Various tubas on display at
The Tuba Exchange

The instruments found at TUBACHRISTMAS events all come from the 'tuba family' of instruments. The most common of those are the tuba, the euphonium, and the baritone. There are multiple variations of these instruments, such as those designed for marching bands or ancient predecessors to the modern instruments, and many of those can be seen at TUBACHRISTMAS events. While the most obscure variations have not been used in the Logan event, there have been a wide variety of instruments that have been used.

    Instruments that have been used at the Logan event:
  • tubas
  • marching tuba
  • recording bass
  • sousaphone
  • euphonium
  • double-bell euphonium
  • marching euphonium
  • baritone
  • marching baritone

    Instruments that have not been used at the Logan event, but have been used at other TUBACHRISTMAS events
    (PLEASE NOTE: Some of these instruments might not technically be part of the tuba family, but have been used at TubaChristmas events anyway):
  • Wagner tuba
  • cimbasso
  • helicon
  • ophicleides
  • saxhorn
  • over-the-shoulder
  • serpent